How to Create Deboss Text Effect within Two minutes by Photoshop – for beginners

To download the .psd file, check out the link below,

Step #1:
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Deboss Text Effect using Adobe Photoshop like this. So let’s go,

Step #2:
Open the Adobe Photoshop. Here I have used the Adobe Photoshop CS6. You can use it or another like Adobe Photoshop CC.

Step #3:
Open the Background image with on of it you want to present the Text Effect.

Step #4:
Go to the “Horizontal Type tool”. And type the text as you want for the emboss text effect. And apply a bold types font family and font size for the text. And Placed the text in a suitable position.

Step #5:
Right Click on the Font layer thumbnail and click on the “select pixel” option to select the font border pixel.

Step #6:
Now click on the background layer and press ctrl+c to copy the layer and ctrl+v to paste the layer. After done this, a new layer will be created for the selected pixel.

Step #7:
Now double click on the new layer or right click on the layer thumbnail and select “Blending Option” for apply the effect on the text.

Step #8:
Select and Click “Bevel & Emboss”. Select the style “Emboss”, Technique “Smooth”, Depth “200”, Direction “Down”, Size “7”, Soften “0”, Angle “120 degree”,Highlight Mode Opacity “50%”, Shadow Mode Opacity “30”. This setting can be change depend on your text or style.

Step #9:
Select and Click “Inner Shadow”. Select Blend Mode color as black or like this, Opacity “100%”, Angle “120 degree”, Distance “13”, Choke “0”, Size “6”.

Step #10:
Select and Click “Color Overlay”. Select Blend Mode “Color Burn” and select color as black, Opacity “13%”. Opacity you should set that is more realistic for your text effect.

Step #11:
After done this, click ok. Congratulation, your emboss text effect is ready.

Step #12:
Now you can save this style as an image using File, “Save for web”. And select the image extension whatever you want.

Step #13:
Deboss text effect is useful for the graphics designer. It is a short tutorial for the beginners. So you apply different options you can realistic this effect.

Duration: 00:03:45