How to Create Continues Text effect In Adobe Illustrator |Designing Trick|

In this Adobe Illustrator trick, you will learn how to create Continues Text effect. This path/shape you can use in background and much more.

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Steps PDF :

Here are some steps that i have used:

1.Type Text whatever u want.

2.Make Dublicate of it and Expand it.

3.Select both and convert it to outline.

4.Select both and Blend it.
(Option – Blend – Make) OR (Alt+Ctrl+B)

5.Go to Blending Options and make Spacing to Specified Steps and change value to 45 and hit Ok.

6.Expand the blended path (Option – Blend – Expand) and Expand it.

7.Go to Effect – 3D – Extrude & Bevel.

8.Change position to Isometric Top, Make Extrude to 0 pt and hit Ok.

9.Select the upper text path and fill it with colour.

10.Select the text path which you want to move outside.

11.Select all and Add Drop Shadow to it.

12.And your text effect is ready.

Duration: 00:01:39