How To Create an 80s Retro Text Effect In Photoshop {80's Outrun}

Hello and welcome to today’s Photoshop retro text effects tutorial. You’ll learn how to create an ’80s style retro text effect. Including but not limited to, multiple color gradients on a single word, gradient strokes, how to make text glow, create realistic lens flares, and more.



Fonts: Road Rage + Oswald Bold

????? ????????

00:00 Intro
00:29 Create a new document
00:37 Add the included image
1:06 Add the text and align to the center of the canvas
4:25 Create a gradient stroke
7:28 Create 2 different color gradients on one word
9:48 Make the text glow
11:31 Create (2 different) realistic lens flare


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Duration: 00:15:47