How to Create a Watermark in Adobe Premiere Pro | How to Protect Your Video

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to Add Watermark to Video.

Do you need to watermark your footage to protect it from being stolen or claimed as someone else’s? This is going to be quite an easy job, so let’s get to it.

All you will need for this is your watermark file such as your logo in png format and the video you are watermarking. If you don’t have a logo and just prefer some text, this is also going to be shown in the video.

➡️ In Premiere Pro, create a new project.
➡️ Now, bring in both the video and the png file that you have.
➡️ Click and drag the video into the new sequence icon, to create a new sequence.
➡️ Now drag your png file above the video clip in the sequence.
➡️ In Effect Controls panel, adjust the positioning of your watermark. If your watermark doesn’t have transparency already, just slide the opacity setting down to your taste.
➡️ Make sure to also drag the edges of the watermark clip to the beginning and the end of your video clip.

➡️ If you’d like to use regular text instead, just click on the text icon and click anywhere in the preview window.
➡️ Now type in the text.
➡️ Click the select tool. Now you can reposition your text and reformat it in the Effects Control panel.
➡️ Make sure to also drag the edges of the text clip to the beginning and the end of your video clip.

When done, you’ll need to render the video out.
➡️ Click CMD+M and choose the rendering options that match your files and needs. For this tutorial we will be exporting an H.264 file with High Bitrate settings.
➡️ Click export or add to queue if you want to use Adobe Media Encoder for the render.

Now you have a watermarked video with the watermark hardprinted into the video.

❓💬 What else can’t you do in Premiere Pro? Please let us know in comments.

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