How to Create a Spin or Rotating Text Transition Using Adobe Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a spin or rotating text transition using adobe premiere pro. This is a super easy tutorial you can create using the Basic 3D effect.

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00:15 – Adding a legacy title
00:40 – Drag title into the timeline
01:00 – Adding an adjustment layer
01:20 – Adding a basic 3d effect into the adjustment layer.
01:40 – Setting keyframe for basic 3D
02:35 – Adding directional blur to the adjustment layer.
03:00 – Under effects control put a directional blur on top of basic 3D.
03:13 – Set keyframe for directional blur.
03:35 – Adding another legacy title
04:00 – Drag legacy title into the timeline.
04:10 – Create a copy of the adjustment layer.
04:30 – Reverse the keyframes of the adjustment layer under effects control.

Shortcut keys
-Shift + right arrow key – Go 5 frames forward.
-Hold Alt key + right-click – Create a copy of your clip.

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