How to Create a REALISTIC Augmented Reality VFX | Futuristic After Effects Tutorial

In this video we learn how to achieve a cool augmented reality effect, we will be using a smartphone app concept today but keep in mind that the techniques showcased in the video are not limited to this scenario and can be applied in so many other creative ways. Enjoy!

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⏲ Chapters:
Intro 0:00
Footage Tips 0:36
Composition Setup 1:08
Prep for tracking 1:37
3D Camera Tracking 3:17
3D Phone Background 7:31
Music App Interface 12:10
Audio Waveform Animation 14:25
Adding the Interface to the video 16:29
Creating the Parallax/AR Effect 18:03
Glow Effect 19:24
Glowy edges with VC Saber 19:45
Camera Depth of Field 21:14
Color Grading 22:18

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