How to Create a QR Code in InDesign (Use in other Adobe programs)

Learn how to create and edit QR codes in InDesign. These can be easily copied and pasted into other programs including Photoshop and Illustrator. Timestamps and descriptions below…

0:00 – Generate a QR Code
From the Object menu, select the option “Generate QR Code”. The 5 types of codes available are…
– Web Hyperlink
– Plain Text
– Text Message
– Email
– Business Card

Having filled in the appropriate fields, choose OK.

Click and release the mouse to insert the QR code at a default size. Click, drag and release the mouse to define the size of the QR code.

0:56 – Resize a QR code
A QR code is made up of vector shapes. This allows the QR code to be scaled to any size without having to worry about resolution. A QR code is resized in the same manner as a regular image. While using the Selection Tool, hold down the Command/Control key and the Shift key, all while dragging a corner.

1:33 – Edit a QR Code
With a QR code selected, go to the Object menu. What previously read as “Generate QR Code” will now read “Edit QR Code”. The attributes available upon creation are available for change.

2:03 – Use QR Code in Other Programs
A QR code can be easily copied to the clipboard within InDesign and pasted into other programs. When pasted into Illustrator, the vector paths are retained. This makes adjusting attributes such as colour extremely easy.

Duration: 00:03:18