How To Create a Kaleidoscope effect in Premiere Pro cc (Tutorial)

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The kaleidoscope effect is a reflection effect just like a mirror effect used in music videos to create a trippy look in videos.

First import your photo or video into your timeline and add an adjustment layer just above it….
Step 2: to create the kaleidoscope effect add the reflection effect to your adjustment layer. ( An alternative to this would be to use a mirror effect directly on your clip but i find the reflection effect placed on the adjustment layer a little bit easier)

Step 3: Create an elipse mask under your reflection in the effects control tab and invert it to make the main video clip to be visible

And add some feather and mask expansion to soften the edges and we are gradually getting to our trippy kaleidoscope music video effect

Step 4: Now to take out the sharp edges of the overlaying videos create a diamond shaped mask around the edges and invert it. And this will completely remove the sharp edges

Step 5: to make the kaleidoscope effect look glossy you can add a gaussian blur effect to your adjustment layer and set blurriness to around 5%

You can also add a tint or a horizontal or vertical flip to your video . …
And that is How To Create a Kaleidoscope video effect in Adobe Premiere Pro cc

This kaleidoscope effect can also be used to create transitions in videos

How do you make a kaleidoscope effect video in Adobe Premiere cc

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00:00 intro
00:15 adjustment layer
00:35 replicate effect
01:12 smooth edges
01:41 gaussian blur
02:22 flip kaleidoscope effect
02:50 outro

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