How To Create a Flat Illustration With Grain Texture – Illustrator Tutorial

In this Illustrator tutorial you can learn how to create a flat illustration and add some texture with a grain brush. You can use this free grain brush I’ve created for this illustration in your own projects and take your flat illustrations to the next level.

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The first step is to sketch out your idea, for this video I wanted to do a flat illustration that was inspired by Casey Neistat, so of course, I had to include a Boosted Board and a DSLR on a GorillaPod.

Using a piece of paper and a pencil you can add some basic shapes and then start to make adjustments before adding it inside Illustrator CC.

You can start your own sketch or follow along by downloading the sketch, brush, and vector file for free here:

Once you have the initial idea for the flat illustration added to your canvas you can start tracing using the Pen Tool (P) by following along the lines in the sketch.

Assign a different shade of gray to each shape in order to properly arrange them and using the Shape Builder Tool you can remove or merge elements.

Assigning colors is the last step to get your flat illustration and in this case, you can just pick colors from the default swatches panel.

If you want to make your illustration stand out more, start by adding gradients and using the grain texture brush I’ve created and is free to use in any of your creative projects.

Creating a flat illustration can be challenging, that’s why I’ve started putting together a class that will guide you through the whole design process.

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