How to Create 3D Text in Photoshop 2021

Learn how to create 3D text in Photoshop 2021. 3D has come a long way in Photoshop! For instance, there are Adobe standard materials, which is universal across the Adobe apps, meaning you can create a 3D object in Photoshop and use it across Adobe Dimension, Adobe Stock 3D, Project Arrow and Adobe Capture.

In this tutorial, learn how you can create a material from the texture from the reflection of your image and replace the default IBL (image-based lighting) to create a realistic 3D text which blends in with your image.

I started with an image from Adobe Stock and edited this using the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop. I then created the text and converted it into 3D. I then added additional text to finish off this PSA image.

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Duration: 00:12:06