How to Create 3D TELEPORT EFFECT – After Effects VFX Tutorial (No Plugins)

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▶In this tutorial, I will show you how to Create Advanced Teleportation Effect in Adobe After Effects. Learn how to make 3D Teleportation Effect with advanced effects and editing tricks.

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Contents of this video
0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Original Shots
1:50 – 1st Scene
2:28 – Stabilizing Clean Plate
2:59 – Hiding the Cut (3D Camera Tracking)
3:50 – Rotoscoping
4:22 – Adding Distortion
5:27 – Masking Body Parts
5:52 – Adding Light & Glowing Lines
7:01 – Portal Structure
7:48 – Final Touches & Color Grading
8:30 – 2nd Scene
8:58 – Outro

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