How To Convert An Image to Vector With Photoshop 🖼️♺✒️ [QUICK PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL]

In this short Adobe Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to convert a raster JPG or PNG image to a vector shape using Photoshop tools.

There is no image trace in Photoshop like we have in Adobe Illustrator, but with some basic tools we can do image tracing in Photoshop also. Just follow the few steps I will show you in the video.

If you are having troubles following the video, you should also check out the text version of this image to vector Photoshop tutorial here:

In the text tutorial I also included a link to my top quality Vector Shape Silhouette Creator for Photoshop:

And another high quality Vectorizer Photoshop action:

All these will allow you to vectorize any image using Photoshop.

So, why is converting an image to vector in Photoshop useful?

Because you can convert any JPG or PNG photo to a vector format like SVG. Vector images can be resized as much as needed without loosing quality. This is extremely useful when you need to print on large surfaces. Imagine that you convert a photo of yourself to a SVG vector and then you can print that SVG image on a t-shirt or on a t-shirt.

The method I’m showing in this article will produce some very cool vector images that are like black and white stencils. So, it’s not only a method for converting an image to vector, but also a real Photoshop stencil maker, and you will learn how to make stencil in Photoshop from any image.

You can colorize parts of the vector image obtained for some really cool pop art effects. Also, you can go from a low quality photo to high quality vector images very quick using this method.

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Duration: 00:03:22