How To Convert An Image Into Vector Art Using Adobe Illustrator | Easy Tutorial

In this easy video tutorial we show you how to convert an image into vector art using adobe illustrator. Get the creative cloud package here and sign up for the insider list below:

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To get started you will open up Adobe Illustrator. Use my link above and take advantage of the student discount with a school ID. Select the layer in Illustrator and click on “live trace” in the control panel. Select preview to view changes in real time and change the threshold options to make the details of your drawing sharper. Once you are happy with the details you will select trace. The end outcome is a graphic that converted your drawing into a sharp vector graphic.

To create paths that you can further edit, press the “Expand” button.

To use the vector graphic for apparel production, and print to order platforms. Open up Printful and select the style of shirt you’d like. Upload the design, change the size and confirm the details.

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