How to Compress Video File Size in Premiere Pro

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How to Compress Video File Size in Premiere Pro

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In this Sixty Second Tutorial we look at how you can reduce the file size of your video by compressing it in export, we cover the following:-

1. The simplest way to compress the file size of a video is to lower the bitrate settings when you export it. So first go to File – Export – Media.

2. If you are compressing a video for web streaming or online sharing the H.264 codec is a good balance between high quality and low file sizes. Make sure you’ve got the correct resolution selected and then scroll down to bitrate settings.

3. The H.264 codec will give you the option to export either in a 1 pass or 2 pass export. The 2 pass option is a higher quality and here we’re currently set on a target bitrate of 44mpbs and a maximum bitrate of 56mpbs. This is a high quality setting for 4K video and estimates our exported file size at 805mb.

4. To compress we can choose the lower quality 1 pass export option and take the target bitrate down to 35mpbs, which will reduce our exported file size even further.

5. Going below 35 will start to see a loss of quality, so if you need to compress the video even further you can consider exporting in 1080p, by changing the resolution to 1920 x 1080 and the video bitrate to 8mpbs, or compress even further by changing to 720p which is a resolution of 1280 x 720 and a bitrate of 5mpbs.

6. These recommended settings will mean your video will be a compressed file size but still keep good quality for web streaming.


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