How to Change Frame Size in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

How to Change Frame Size in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

In this Sixty Second Tutorial we look at various methods of changing the frame size when editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, we cover the following…

1. In this example we’ve got a 1080 resolution clip on a 4K timeline and we’re going to scale down our sequence to match the resolution of our footage.

2. Right click on your sequence and select ‘sequence settings’.

3. In the Frame Size option change your resolution to 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels (here it is important to double check your pixel aspect ratio is set to “Square Pixels 1.0” if you’re trying to achieve the standard 16:9 landscape frame size.

4. Click Ok and your sequence settings will change to match your footage.

5. If you are adding footage to a new timeline and the resolution of the clip is different from that of your sequence, Premiere will prompt you to change your sequence settings. Here you can choose change sequence settings and Premiere will automatically change your sequence resolution to that of your chosen footage.

6. Lastly if you need to use a 1080 clip on a 4K timeline you can right click on your clip and select ‘Scale to Frame Size’ which will scale up your 1080 footage to fill a 4K frame. You can also scale up manually using the ‘Scale’ option in the effect controls panel.


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