How To Auto Sync Multiple Videos With Audio In Premiere Pro (Tutorial)

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How To Auto Sync multiple video clips with Audio in Premiere Pro CC.

If you’ve ever experienced video that doesn’t sync up with audio while watching a movie, then you already know how distracting it can be. An audio delay can completely ruin a great content and loose viewers interest. In this Tutorial I will explain How I sync multiple clips to match audio in Premiere Pro.

You can Auto sync audio and video in multiple ways. for example you could create a multicam sequence or you could synchronize each video clips with same matching audio . but that could be time consuming.

The best way to Auto sync multiple video clips that were all recorded during the same take but on multiple devices is to create a multicam source sequence For example, if you select two video clips and three audio clips from different sources Premiere Pro will automatically analyzes the clips and syncs them

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