How To Animate Layer Masks in Photoshop

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How To Animate Layer Masks in Photoshop

1. Add Type
2. Create Layer Mask
3. Animate Layer Mask

This video is long for me.: Almost 4 minutes. Sorry.
But, learn to Animate in Photoshop and you will go far in life 🤓.


1. Add Type: Type Tool (T)
1. Font Used Anthology Outline Demo
2. To Align Text in Center
1. Cmd + A = Select all
2. Select Move Tool (V)
3. Click Vertical & Horizontal Center Align in Tool Bar


2. Create Layer Mask
1. Use any Selection Tool
2. I used Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)
3. Drag Selection around Text
4. Hold Option Key
5. Click Add Layer Mask Button below Layers Panel

3. Animate Layer Mask
1. Go To Window…Timeline
2. Click ‘Create Video Timeline’ Button
3. Unlink Text Layer & Layer Mask
4. In Timeline, Twirl-down arrow for Type Layer
5. Drag Scrubber (Current Time Indicator) To beginning of timeline
6. Click Stopwatch next to ‘Layer Mask Position’ to add first keyframe
7. Drag scrubber to 2 Frames (or any distance)
8. In Layer Panel, verify link is not visible and click on Layer Mask
9. Hold Shift Key and drag layer mask to reveal text
10. Stop dragging and release cursor when all of text is visible
11. Drag scrubber to beginning
12. Press Spacebar to Preview Animation
13. To speed up animation, move keyframes closer together
14. To slow down, move keyframes further apart

4. To Export
1. As Video: File…Export…Render Video
2. As Gif: File…Export…Save for Web (Legacy)


Bonus Tip:
To Show Layer Mask: Tap Forward Slash Key ().
Layer Mask will appear in Red.
Tap to hide Layer Mask



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