How to Animate in Photoshop | #2

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In this series we’ll be animating a frame by frame animation in Photoshop, if you haven’t yet familiarised yourself with basic Photoshop functions then I recommend watching the Intro to Photoshop series first. You can find the link below, it’s not long only 45m or so.

You’ll also need AnimDessin2 to follow along, it’s very simple to install, just follow the instructions.

Frame by frame animation is possible without this plugin, but AnimDessin2 is a great free plugin that gives us some more traditional animation tools to work with. Let’s do it!

Intro to Adobe Photoshop:


We’re also trailing a new stroke recorder that displays my keystrokes, it jumps about a bit in this series, but I’ve solved that now, let me know what you think! Additionally my camera sometimes disconnected, but it doesn’t affect the tutorial, so I didn’t bother re-recording! Thanks!


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