How to Animate a Still Photo in After Effects | No Plugin

Hey everyone. This is Sachin Meshram. I’m here with a new tutorial for Adobe After Effects to Animate a Still Photo.In this tutorial, we will use the Puppet tool. Using this tool we can animate still images and create a loop.

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⏲️Time Stamps⏲️

00:00 – Intro
00:06 – What we’ll be creating
00:30 – Create Composition
00:59 – Import Image
01:09 – Match image to comp size
01:27 – Make Pre-Comp
01:53 – Animate with Puppet tool
02:54 – Duplicate the layer comp
03:06 – Masking
03:43 – Feather the edge of mask
04:47 – Loop Animation
06:38 – Add CC Snowfall
07:35 – Final Preview
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ℹ️ Video Title: How to Animate a Still Photo in After Effects


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