How to Animate a Still Image with After Effects and Photoshop | Tutorial

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In this episode we use Adobe Photoshop & After Effects to animate a piece of key art. We’re using some key art from Metroid Dread, but you can use any still image you want. First in Photoshop we plan out our motion, then use various tools like the patch tool, lasso tool, pen tool, clone stamp tool and transform tools to turn that still image into a series of editable layers. Finally we jump into After Effects to animate those layers and add various vfx to enhance the original motion graphics/ Animating images in After Effects. Let’s get to it.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Episode Overview
01:00 Step One: Planning
03:25 Step Two: Prepping
06:32 The Patch Tool
08:35 Removing the Head & Clone Stamp Tool
15:59 Separating the Arm & Other Techniques
21:45 Step Three: Animating
24:49 Keyframe Animation
41:00 Animating the Visor
45:08 Animating the Arm Cannon
48:00 Animating the Particles (CC Particle World)
52:37 Adding the Shadow & Reflections
55:38 Members Shoutouts


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