How to add titles and graphics to a 360 video with Premiere 2018 and Photoshop | Gaba_VR

We add titles, photos and graphics to videos on a daily basis. But inserting such elements into a 360 video is a little bit different. We have to insert them into the “virtual space”.

With the appropriate settings our titles and graphics will follow the perspectives of the video instead of turning with the curves of the spherical view.

A couple of years before it was quite a long process to create these titles in After Effects, but after releasing Adobe Premiere 2018, it’s much easier. Now we have very nice VR plugins to work with.

I show you my workflow, how I insert graphics into my 360 video, using Photoshop (or Illustrator) to create graphics, then importing them into Premiere. These files work together very well: after refreshing a Photoshop file, it immediately updates in Premiere.

This time you see the post-production of one of my latest 360 vlog episode, but of course, you can use this method to create lower thirds, insert photos or anything into a 360 video.

Here you can see the final 360 video:

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