How to Add Texture to Flat Design Illustration | Illustrator Tutorial

Texture in Illustrator is very important if you want your flat design illustration to stand out. Learn how to add texture in a few steps by following this tutorial.

If you follow along with the exercise files you can find the sketch, the flat design illustration, and the free brush that allows you to add and create textures for your vectors.

For more grain and noise texture in Illustrator video tutorials check out this playlist:

Exercise files:


↓ ULTIMATE 23 Grain and Noise Brushes + 16 Vector Textures for Illustrator and Photoshop ↓


The first step is to create the basic shapes of the illustration, then follow up by adding details like colors and separators to get ready for the final step, which is to add texture.

Each step of the process:
0:00 Illustration inspiration and breakdown
1:34 Draw the face
2:28 Create the hair
3:15 Design the clothes
5:02 Adding details
7:20 Add texture in Illustrator

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