How to Add and Create TEXTURE | Illustrator Tutorial (9 WAYS)

In today’s step by step Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial you’ll learn 9 ways to add texture to vector illustration. In this Illustrator tutorial you’ll see how to correctly prepare artwork to texturizing, how to add paper photo texture and adjust it with blending modes and clipping mask, how to add different noise textures using opacity mask, linear, radial and freeform gradient, and even how to create unique noise brush and use it in different ways. This list is not including all that tips and tricks that you’ll learn from this video. By the end of this Illustrator tutorial you’ll understand that you made giant step from amateur to professional illustrating and professional workflow. You’ll be able to create deep, live and eye-catching illustrations with photo and grain textures that will make you proud of your new skills. This Illustrator tutorial is for beginners and advanced.

I hope today’s Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial about textures will really help you out. Drop a comment below and let me know what you liked about this video!
0:00 Intro
1:27 prepare vector illustration for texturizing
8:17 method №1: apply photo texture to background using blending modes
12:18 method №2: apply photo texture to vector shape using clipping mask and blending modes
13:22 method №3: customize photo texture using opacity mask, brush and Gaussian blur
20:08 method №4: apply noise texture using opacity mask, grain effect, brush and Gaussian blur
25:15 method №5: apply texture using opacity mask and linear gradient
27:18 method №6: apply transparent texture using opacity mask, radial gradient and linear gradient
31:30 method №7: apply texture using freeform gradient and opacity mask
40:07 create noise brush
42:26 method №8: draw with noise brush using clipping mask
45:01 method №9: draw with noise brush using opacity mask to create rough transparent edge
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