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How much do Indian Sorafenib Tablets cost in the Philippines?
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Where can I acquire Sorafenib tablets in their original form or their generic brands online?
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Sorafenib Brands List – Soranib, Sorafenat, Nexavar Buy Online at Lowest Price

(Strength 200mg Tablets)

Sorafenat 200mg Tablets (120 Tablets) by Natco Pharma Ltd.

Soranib (Pack of 30 and 120 Tablets) developed by Cipla Ltd.

Nexavar (60 Tablets) developed by Bayer AG.

Sorafekast (120 Tablets) By Aprazer Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Shilfenib (120 Tablets) By Shilpa Healthcare Ltd.

Floranib (120 Tablets) By Florencia Healthcare