Horsham College and ACMI do the Key Frame Project

The ‘Key Frame’ project was a Virtual Creative Professionals in Schools partnership between Horsham College and ACMI. Year 9 and 10 Digital Technologies students worked with animation industry professionals to produce their own short animated films. Industry experts that the students worked with included story-board writers, animators from Melbourne based studios, scriptwriters and video game animators. Using the professional industry animation software, Moho, the students learnt the skills they needed to produce their videos including stop-motion animation, green-screening, Photoshop and sound recording and editing. The project inspired the students and enabled them to see application of their new knowledge and skills across a range of diverse creative industry practices.

ACMI provided students with project support and access to industry professionals using Zoom video conferencing and provide the school with clear Moho software tutorial guides. At the development stage of the project students came to Melbourne to worked on their projects with the industry professionals at ACMI.

This project offers engaging learning outcomes across Digital Technologies, Media Arts, Drama, English, and Critical and Creative Thinking capabilities.

Duration: 294

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