High Pass and Low Pass – Photoshop Tutorial

http://www.TheArtofRetouching.com – This Photoshop video tutorial is about the High Pass and Low Pass method of cloning. We covered many different topics in our Extended Cloning Video Tutorial, but we wanted to give you this advanced way to clone, as a sample of the content you can find in the full video.

If you use the Clone Stamp Tool, Healing Brush, or Spot Healing Brush straight onto a layer, you are making an exact clone with little control over the fine details. If you approach your clone with a High Pass Layer for texture, and a Low Pass layer for color and tone, you greatly increase your ability to soften or remove skin blemishes, facial hair, and even pores, without a dreaded repeating pattern.

This is used by professional retouchers who need to create porcelain skin for the models. This is one of the very few ways of achieving this level of high precision, perfect skin retouching.

Duration: 00:08:35