High Fidelity Prototype with Anima App | Adobe XD | Tutorial | മലയാളം

Designers and Developers have the very intricate task of collaborating to bring outputs to life. Anima allows teams to work collectively seamlessly. You can design in your tool of choice, add animations and interactions, and then push it to the Anima platform where your development teams can get HTML, CSS, React, or the whole code package.

This is Sajeerali, an UI/UX Designer based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have worked with some of the very well known startups of Dubai and learned anything and everything that is needed to create amazing experiences for the users. I’m also an Artist, Photographer and community builder. In this channel, I post videos with tips, Methods, tutorials and general information to scale your future in Design. If you are into it, you may want to subscribe and hit the bell icon to that you don’t miss out 🙂

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