A quick project that showcases a wide variety of technical skills in photoshop and after effects for Cenage. I wanted to show that I can take an area that I know little about beforehand, absorb it, and reiterate it to others in quick, easily digestible motion graphics animations. For this purpose, I chose to display the flow of blood throughout the chambers and valves of the heart. Based on conversations I’ve had with the various people who’ve interviewed me through Cengage, I decided on a topic that may be focused on in an entry level, general education college course.

The base image comes from Pixabay, where it is free for commercial use. In photoshop, extra labels were removed and the valves and the artery were all separated into their own layers, while painting in details underneath those layers so when these parts are animated, they don’t reveal a blank spot.

In after effects, the valves were animated with puppet pin tools and the heart and valves’ beating motion was animated with a warp mesh deformer. I used an expression to seamlessly loop the beating heart and valve’s motion. This base animation could be applied to multiple videos surrounding the function of the heart.

The arrows are simple shape layers with an animated trim path, a null shape that follows the flow of the arrow, then a triangle that is parented to that null, allowing for the arrowhead to flow easily with the rotation of the path without needing to manually adjust it at any point.

The text reveals are simple mask reveals, with a mask parented to the white line.

Duration: 54

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