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Steps on how to give this Hatched drop shadow to text in Photoshop :-

1. So the first step is to add paper texture on background , so for that go to Filter and then select Filter Gallery over there and then expand the Texture folder and then select Texturize over there and then set the following : – Texture : Canvas , Scaling : 160% , Relief : 4, Light : Top and then click on Ok.

2. After that select Horizontal text type tool and then select any font of your choice and then set appropriate font size and set it’s
color and then click on the document type in your text and then press CTRL + T if you want the scale the text.

3. Now keeping the current layer selected and then press CTRL and select background layer which will select both the layers and then move the place the text in the center by click on Placement buttons.

4. After that make the text layer active and then press CTRL + J to create a duplicate of the text and then make the original text layer active and then press double click on T icon of the text layer which will give you selection of the whole text and then change the color of the text to the color which you want to keep as the color of the drop shadow and then hide the duplicate text layer and make the original text layer active again.

5. Now right click on the original text layer and select Blending options over there and then select Pattern overlay over there and then set the Pattern as diagonal pattern and then scale the pattern accordingly and then click on Ok .

6. Now unhide the duplicate text layer and then make the original text layer active and then select the move tool and then press the left arrow key and then down arrow key after that to make it look like shadow over there , so press the keys until you find the right place.

7. Now make the duplicate text layer active and then right click over there and then select Blending options and then select Stroke over there and then set the following :- Color : white , Size : 5px , Position : Outside and then click on Ok .

So this will give you your Hatched drop shadow to your text in Photoshop!

So that’s it!

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