Week7 VMA Tutorial

Recreate Andrew Kramer “Video Copilot” tutorial output.

Primary: Head explosion-

Secondary Techniques:

Car Impact- “”

Lightining strike atmospherics- “”

**Original elements used – ONLY.**

**All squibs and environmental effects generated from scratch**

*Original Elements:*

Clean plate- street

Car pass

Actor pass

All plates and elements shot with camera locked off to speed up post-production.

*Software Used:*

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects

All plates shot at F10 All depth/focus adjustments generated in post.

Use of B-spline rotoscoping – Car element – Actor element

Actor “convulsions” upon impact were animated in after effects using the rotoscoped actor element combined with timewarp and liquify

Head explosion “compression” acheived using rotoscoped head and “liquify” effect keyframed to scheive desired results.

Head element isolated from original video frame in photoshop then Matte refined and “damage” added to face. Composited and graph-keyframe animated with controlled motion blur.

Head shadow element generated from inverse alpha matte of head element., animated softness, growth and position of shadow.

Multiple per-layer transfer modes implimented fit to purpose.

Use of several different, multi-layered particle generation systems per element with tailored keyframed particle engine variables to simulate:

-Blood Explosion from neck

-Blood rain down after explosion

-Blood gushing from neck

-Blood specs on “camera lens”

Blood pools created as textured elements in photoshop
Positioned in 3D space in After-effects
Animated through manipulation of anchor, position scale and mask shapes to simulate organic blood pool.

Per-element blur: – fast blur (quick renders)

Camera motion blur effect (applied in master comp): – Camera Blur & Native composition motion blur – shutter angle – 100

Atmospherics generated with use of various “noise” effects coour corrected and tailored to purpose

Matte painting of “neck stump” created in photoshop,
matte refined and composited in after effects.

Car motion using graph animated bezier keyframes.

Multiple pre-comps used

Pre-render for “camera motion” pass- to speed up animation of camera.

Colour correction of plates and matte painting.

Motion blur (custom composition shutter angle)

Camera motion generated with “wiggle” expression for position and rotation of null object.

Pre-render parented to null. Animation of camera zoom pan tilt and rotation refined.

Final colour grade.

Duration: 11

Likes: 1