Greatest Hits Digital Collage - Sam Archambault

I decided to base the original collage in Photoshop on the eponymous intro song on Waterpark’s latest album Greatest Hits. This album is one of my favorites at the moment and the lyrics and audio create so many visual effects that I wanted to try and exercise. I chose the intro song because of its focus on the backing tracks and how it prepares the listeners for the dream-like, night-based album. Awsten Knight, the writer and singer of the track describes it as “slushy, loose, fucked up, and like as jagged as possible, so when the time slows down you’re starting to go into that dream… you feel like time is slowing down… It’s the intro to essentially what’s going to be like that dream or nightmare or whatever you take it and perceive it as.” I tried to incorporate this thought behind my creating it for instance the dark overlays on top of the base image of the singer. I included the text “A night out on earth” for a few reasons. One: it is the name of the tour for the album and two: I feel that it encompasses what he is trying to express throughout the concept of the album. If you listen closely the backing track features traffic and car horns, which Knight recorded himself, hence the blurred car lights, stop light, and moving cars. I included orange faded versions of Knight to enhance the dreamlike vision of the song. 
I have never used Premiere prior to this, so this was an extreme learning curve and I got frustrated very easily with it. But once I started to get a basic understanding of how to work the program it became a lot more fun to experiment with to time the visuals with the audio itself.

Duration: 95

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