Graphic Design Illustrator Adobe Illustrator tutorial, Footprint and hand print in the sand.

Here’s another tutorial on how to create Footprint and Hand print in the sand using Adobe Illustrator.

I also pasted what I created in my previous video on how to create starfish.

All link are available to download below.

Footprint trace:!AjunZTubE4zaawZBH1cakhzi0as?e=pKLtPP

Hand trace:!AjunZTubE4zab2U6dpUYLMsFaXc?e=Ye9u8n

Olive Font:!AjunZTubE4zabdQ_Y8-daDv780w?e=uruYxB

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 save file:!AjunZTubE4zac0R1vBjhRFkXFI0?e=G3Qu3B

Starfish video link:

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