Grading Video in Photoshop (Frame by Frame) TUTORIAL

Grading Video in Photoshop (Frame by Frame) tutorial.
Some background on this. I worked in photography using Photoshop for a decade before getting into video. While messing around trying to clean up lots of moire and aliasing in my 5DII footage, it struck me that I would be able to use Photoshop to ´colour´ my videos, if it was done frame by frame.

I´ve never liked the idea of taking someone else´s colour scheme/template/filter/LUT and applying it to my photographs. The same goes for video. Working in this way (grading individual frames) is time-consuming but ultimately very rewarding and satisfying.

I used this process to grade every frame from my latest video:

The one big thing missing from this tutorial is the colouring/grading work done in Photoshop. If you´re interested in seeing how I work up some images, let me know in the comments below. However, even though I use the same (few) tools all the time, the process is different for each photo and is fairly intuitive.

This is not a workflow for everyone – it just takes too long! However, if you´re more comfortable with Photoshop than Premiere, and you have a special project then this might do the trick.

It´s probably not too dissimilar to a timelapse workflow, the big difference being working with only 8-bit 2 megapixel files (if it´s 1080p).

I´m curious to see if anyone uses this tutorial to grade their own video. If you´ve done one, post the link in the comments and I´d love to check it out!

Good luck!

Music by Bensound.

Duration: 00:04:18