Gossamarie Presents: SPINNERET I (promo)

This was a short motion graphic I created to promote an upcoming party/concert happening in Queens, NY. I originally just intended to make a static flier for print / social media posting, but since many of the motion text effects I used in Cinema 4D for the main element of the flier already had motion built in, I decided to expand the marketing for this event to a quick 20 second promotional flier.
All CG (the spinning spider / the “Spinneret I” title sequence) was rendered in Cinema 4D using the Physical Render Engine. Title assets made in Photoshop, and composited all together in Premiere. I wanted to run this all through my VCR for some extra glitchy effects, but unfortunately it still needs some maitenance. Instead, the VHS static effects featured were actually cuts from some footage of the “Morning Light” video I shot for thebreathingbackwards.
Music: “Work” by: Fluxxy

Duration: 22

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