Goldfinger Kinetic Typography

For this project, I created a kinetic typography video for a movie scene much like the video from Pulp Fiction that was shown in class. I thought I’d go with another Bond movie, specifically Goldfinger and it’s laser torture scene. This is arguably the most iconic scene from the Bond series and even one of the greatest scenes in movie history. The video has two halves, the first half incorporates the scene from the movie which is suppose to be mysterious and wondrous. This half I think helps give context to the video for the viewers who may have never seen the movie before. The second half is suppose to represent the metal James Bond is strapped to while the laser cuts down the middle of it. This is when the scene becomes much more tense and suspenseful due to the laser slowly creeping down the screen. When writing out the script, I put each line in it’s own precomp that way it was easier to edit each line and to keep my time line organized. After finishing the script, I methodically went through each word and sync them with the audio. Each character has their own distinct font and color (Goldfinger has a gold Georgia font and James Bond has blue Gill Sans font). When animating their dialogue, I based the animations on the meaning of the word or the way it was delivered. Other words used effects rather than animation, for instance, the word “clear” coming into focus. For Goldfinger, I used the Ray Tracer to apply beveled edges to some of his dialogue that I wanted to emphasize. This also made the words look more like gold and reflected the bold and brash nature of his character. Certain words have textures applied to them through Photoshop such as “Solid Metal” which has a metal texture. To make the video more captivating, I created animations that acted as literal representations of the dialogue like the laser shooting the moon. During the first half, I have the text animate around the scene to make it more dynamic and easier to see the scene itself. Certain instances I had Goldfinger interact with text like when he points to an area I have the text appear and when he snaps I had the text disappear. Also, I only included important parts of the script or in the case of the laser shooting the moon, got rid of the script entirely since the animation was effective by itself. The second half involves a key component from the scene itself which is the laser. To enhance the tension evoked in the scene, I made this sequence appear to be through the eyes of James Bond. The laser was created using a circle and sparks using the particle generator. Then I have it slowly move down the screen creating the illusion that it’s cutting through the background. At the very end I have it engulf the screen along with the word “die” for a shocking ending to the video.



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