Give your Text, Titles, and Graphics the “Film Look” | Premiere CC Tutorial

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Sharp, digital text and titles on top of “film stylized footage” honestly defeat the entire purpose of recreating the authentic, film look we all seem to enjoy (I enjoy it at least). Since we work so hard on this channel to stylize our footage and make it look outdated, blurry, or at the very least grainy, I felt I should step it up further and make our text, titles, and graphics look more and feel like real title cards from film.

Its a simple, quick tutorial, one I hope to do more of, where you can easily follow along quicker than usual. Let me know your thoughts and if you hvae read the description, leave me the word “film look” in your comment!

Thanks for watching!

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00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Explaining the film look
00:40 – Adding and Editing text
01:50 – Other videos similar to this one



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