GIMP Tutorial – Neon Light Text Effect | Photoshop Alternative | #74

GIMP Tutorial #74

Hi Everyone, In this video i’m gonna show you How to create a Neon Light Text Effect in GIMP.

GIMP is the perfect Alternative for Photoshop. Hence you can try this same method in Photoshop as well.

Watch the video to get Layer Effects-

1. Create a New Image of Width 1280px and Height 720px
2. Fill it with Black Color
3. Create a Radial Gradiant with your Neon Color as Foreground and Black as Foreground
4. Type in your Text inside the Canvas
5. Stroke with White Color on New Layer
6. Go to Script Fu – Layer Effects – Outer Glow and give suitable values as shown in the video
7. Then give Guassian Blur

That’s it. You have got the Neon Light Text Effect
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Duration: 00:05:56