Gimkit Tutorial for Teachers

Gimkit Tutorial for Teachers

In this week’s education technology tutorial, learn how to use Gimkit, a game-based learning program that stands out from some of the other game-based programs because of its game-within-a-game style of play. Gamification is one of the most effective strategies for increasing engagement and mixes up the way students review content, while also helping them retain information.

In this video, Sam shows teachers how to set up Gimkit question kits as well as how each of the gameplay modes works. You’ll learn how to use popular Gimkit gameplay modes such as Humans versus Zombies, Boss Battle, The Floor is Lava, Infinity Mode, Trust No One, and the latest addition: Draw That!

0:00 Introduction
0:54 Getting Started with Gimkit
1:49 Create Question Kits
5:26 Create Classes
5:47 Classic Mode
12:56 Team Mode
13:46 The Floor is Lava
14:59 Humans Versus Zombies
15:49 Infinity Mode
16:28 Boss Battle
16:58 Super Rich, Hidden, and Drained Mode
17:50 Trust No One
21:39 Draw That
23:54 Conclusion

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