Giant Slot Machines (What About the Other Fellas?) – AudioVisual Self Portrait RMIT EMT 2014

Final Edit of Audiovisual mash-up assessment for final submission for Editing Media Texts (EMT) at RMIT a course taken as part of Bachelor of Communications (Media). Looking at the rise of social media/networking and digital dating, and the detraction from face to face interactions it creates, through the exploration of the idea of social network dating applications being counter-productive and counter-intuitive. This piece is to be an audiovisual self portrait so I have focused on my experience of applications like Grindr, in which I have observed countless times people, myself included, looking substance and connection but really ending up more disconnected as people play the endless digital field, portraying the self they want the world to see giving rise to a narcissistic addiction. This file was created from public domain materials, using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, After Effects CS5 and Photoshop CS5, the assessment was an exercise in editing video, still image, text and audio.

Duration: 272

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