Ghost Trail Effect Tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro

This Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial will take you through how you can create a ghost trail effect. This creates a trippy effect with motion trails. There are amazing flow arts videos that show off this effect to show off the patterns we’re spinning and I’ve uploaded videos on achieving a ghost trail in many other popular editing programs but never in Adobe Premiere. In this video I’ll take you through two approaches to doing the effect that each have their positives and negatives. The first is to use the color keying effect over the course of multiple layers to create short trails. The second is to use the echo effect to create trails off of light sources in your footage.

The first approach takes more work, but you get a cleaner picture of the performer in it. The second approach is easier but tends to blur the performer a lot. You can pick which version you like best and use it in your own videos!

This technique is really similar to how you achieve a ghost trail effect in After Effects and this ghost trail tutorial can be thought of as applying to both programs.

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Duration: 00:14:15