Getting started with Adobe XD for Instagram

✨In this video tutorial, I show you the basics of getting started in so that you can use it as a tool for quick content creation to increase efficiency in your workflow.

Have you used Adobe XD to create content for Instagram or your other social channels?

This video was heavily requested by people who wanted to know how I was making my Instagram posts and carousels using Adobe XD.

What kind of content in branding, design or running a conscious business would you like to see more of? Let me know!

👋 Hi everyone – My name is Jo ChunYan. I am a brand designer and intuition coach. I also create content on branding, design, conscious living and running a conscious business. This is my first official Youtube video for this channel



Toolbar 1:30
Assets & components panel 1:55
Layers panel 2:48
Creating artboards 3:26
Importing images 4:20
Masking images 4:40
Creating coloured backgrounds: 6:20
Adding text and alignment 8:28
Working with shapes and colours 9:30
Resizing & rotating elements 14:18
Importing vector shape: 15:40
Colour gradients: 16:24
Creating complex shapes: 16:50
Union, subtract, intersect shapes 17:38
Working with components 20:18
Exporting artboards 22:18



If you want to dive further into using Adobe XD for creating branded Instagram Carousels, I cover this in The Digital Mastermind. This course is a collaboration with 7 other amazing social strategists and brand strategists to help you upskill, nurture and grow your brand or business in digital content creation.

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Hi – I’m Jo – brand designer, intuition coach and author of The Intuition Journal. I’m the founder of Jo ChunYan, a brand design studio for conscious businesses. When I’m not staring lovingly at a pixel on my computer screen, I can be found obsessing over colour palettes, planning my next adventure in Japan, creating a new playlist for my yoga stretches, or cooking a delicious meal where I will use waaay too much kimchi.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. All opinions expressed are mine.

Duration: 00:23:43