Hello, I’m Dylan Harris! I am a motion design student at Northern Arizona University!

This project was for my motion design course and it is called “Get Moving”. We followed a fake Nike commission that requested we make 3 different “action” scenes of a character running, dancing, jumping, or doing any other type of exercise. I went with running, jumping, and dancing for my 3 actions. These action scenes were meant to work as transition scenes for the ad so you will see a bunch of transitions in this. We color a color palette for this project and I decided to design my character around the color palette to make more interesting visuals.

The process of how I completed this is first I did some character design sketches and drew up some style frames on Photoshop. Then I created a storyboard on the application Storyboarder. From there I took my storyboard sketches and used them as a reference in Photoshop where I then drew out each action frame by frame. After this everything was brought together in After Effects for final touches and effects, this is also where I animated the text.

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Duration: 30

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