Generalist Reel 2012

Generalist reel for 2012.

00:05: Wolf-bot: Design of robot, all 3D elements (not particles). I supervised the mocap shoot, baked the data to a rig and cleaned it up. All lighting comes from final gather from the background sphere. We used a 3D workflow between Maya and After Effects.

00:17: Palace: I cleaned up / re-created the Basic layout from a Sketchup model then made all details, statues, furniture, greenery etc. Modelling was done in Silo, Maya and zBrush. Growing vine bushes made with Xfrog. Rendered in Mental Ray. I also did the initial comp in After Effects.

00:30: Wirly glowing shape: Made in Silo/Topmod, animated in Softimage and rendered with Thea Render before comping in After Effects.

00:34: Naked Mole Rat type creature: Made in Silo and zBrush. Rendered in Maya with Mental Ray.

00:50: Plane Explosion: Modelled in maya and textured in Photoshop. Explosion was a combination of bits of stock plus Maya fluids. Comping in After Effects.

00:56: Symmetrical object: Made in Maya and After Effects.

01:00: Cyborg POV shot in mirror: Modelled in Maya / Silo / zbrush and textured in zbrush / photoshop. Architectural elements faked from reference of shot location including mirror scratches. I used an HDRI sphere for the lighting. Comping in After Effects.

01:07: Slapstic Man: All Maya, (originally meant as a test of Human IK).

01:20: Cube based motion graphics: Made in maya using rigging / scripting techniques. The rendered output was five of these screens!

01:32: Collision text (paint on road): A combination of maps generated in Photoshop then put through a shader network to make the paint weathering match the ground.

01:33: Waves: Realflow and Maya. I had to make a number of these in three weeks.

01:40: Cloth dancing: Maya ncloth with some After Effects sweetening.

01:48: Old Man: Mostly Zbrush with some Silo. Rendered in Thea Render.

01:50: Terry Gilliam style animation: Backdrop elements made in photoshop and characters animated in After Effects.

01:50: Bird: Playblast, all done in maya in a day.

02:03: Blobby glowy thing: Maya Nparticles and Ncloth, rendered in Mental Ray.

02:09: Green Monster: Modelled in Silo and zbrush. Rigged, animated and rendered in Softimage. Comped in After Effects.

Duration: 154

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