1. New file
2. Set the background to black
3. Add text
4. Go to Gradient and add a color what you want
5. Click the text layer (right click the RASTERIZE LAYER)
6. Stay put at the Text layer then Ctrl + click
7. Go to Gradient and fill the text.
8. Make a one copy of the text layer
9. make a new layer then go to FILTER
10. click the render from filter then choose CLOUDS
11. make the layer ‘cloud’ to Color dodge from blending mode
12. back to the copy of the text layer then go to filter again, click the BLUR then GAUSSIAN BLUR
13. set the blur what you want
14. Click the layer of the ‘cloud’ (the last layer)
15. go to BRUSH (the brushes linked here:
16. just go crazy

thanks xD

Duration: 00:02:38