Full Tutorial: Using Photoshop Generative Fill & Masking in Premiere Pro to Replace Your Background

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Transform a simple backyard scene into a stunning Greecian landscape using Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop! This tutorial takes you through each step of the process, showcasing how to use advanced editing techniques to create a cinematic masterpiece.

🎬 Key Moments in the Video 🎬
00:00 Introduction to the project concept
00:05 The idea behind the scene
00:11 The film’s theme: “It’s not the place, it’s the people”
00:18 Setting the scene: Filming in a backyard
00:33 Using Adobe Photoshop for sky replacement
00:53 Adobe Generative Fill to change the sky
01:03 Picking the right sky – blue skies and white buildings
01:19 Addressing challenges with clouds in the shot
01:36 Experimenting with mountain scenery
01:50 Fun with Adobe Generative Fill
02:03 Windmill scene addition and choices
02:11 Exporting and choosing backgrounds
02:24 Editing the sky in Adobe Premiere
02:31 Masking and aligning sky images
02:58 Scaling and fitting images
03:12 First look at the completed sky
03:16 Fixing minor details and background selection
03:55 Adding a pool to the scene
04:11 Challenges with adding a pool using Generative Fill
04:25 Incorporating real pool footage
04:41 Ensuring scene consistency with tripod setup
04:58 Final adjustments and adding water
05:04 Reviewing the final scene
05:13 Deciding on the best background
05:19 Bringing the scene to life with the pool addition
05:24 Comparing the original and edited scenes
05:33 Wrapping up and side-by-side comparison

🎬 Backyard to Greece Transformation:
Discover how a simple backyard scene is magically turned into a picturesque Greecian landscape using Adobe Premiere Pro. We’ll guide you through the steps of transforming an ordinary location into something extraordinary.

😷 Sky Replacement with Adobe Photoshop: 00:00 – 01:03
Learn the art of using Adobe Generative Fill in Photoshop to replace bland skies with breathtaking vistas.

🌅 Editing for Social Media: 00:40 – 00:53
Tailoring your video for social media? We cover how to film vertically and make the most of your frame by removing unnecessary empty space, ensuring your content is perfectly optimized for platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

🌌 Adding Mountains and Scenery: 01:36 – 02:11
See how adding elements like mountains can enhance your background. We’ll show you how to use Adobe Generative Fill to experiment with different scenic elements to create a visually appealing and realistic backdrop.

🎞️ Masking Techniques in Premiere Pro: 02:24 – 02:58
Master the art of masking in Adobe Premiere Pro. This segment focuses on how to mask out the sky in your footage and seamlessly integrate your Photoshop edits, ensuring everything looks natural and cohesive.

💡 Choosing the Right Background: 03:12 – 03:55
Picking the right background is crucial. We’ll guide you through various options created with Adobe Generative Fill, discussing how each one affects the mood and feel of your scene.

🎨 Integrating Real Pool Footage: 04:11 – 04:58
Learn how to incorporate real video footage into your scene. We demonstrate how to add a clip of a pool to the backyard, complete with tips on masking and ensuring the perspective matches perfectly with the original footage.

🎭 Final Touches and Comparison: 05:13 – 05:38
We wrap up by reviewing the final scene, and comparing the original footage with our edited version. This side-by-side comparison highlights the transformative power of video editing, showcasing the before and after of our Greecian paradise creation.

🔗 Dive deeper into these techniques, practice, and share your results. For more detailed guidance on specific steps, visit our tutorial links provided in the description. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below!

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