Full Guide on UI/UX Design (Free) – Part 1: Introduction to Course

Hey there everyone! This is Deva. I will be your tutor in this UI/UX design course.

Topics that will be discussed in this course are:
Part 1: Introduction to Course
Part 2: Introduction to UI/UX
Part 3: UI Design and Design Theory
Part 4: UI Design in Action (Adobe XD Tutorial)
Part 5: UI Design in Action (Figma Tutorial)
Part 6: UX Design Principles
Part 7: UX Design Tools
Part 8: Wireframes and Prototypes
Part 9: UI/UX Terms
Part 10: Animations in Adobe XD
Part 11: Animations in Figma
Part 12: Communication with Developers
Part 13: Valuable Resources for UI/UX Design
Part 14: Finding a UI/UX Design Job
Part 15 (Bonus): UI Design and CSS
Part 16 (Bonus): Basic HTML for UI/UX Designers

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Duration: 00:01:25