0.00-0.04 Title Screen w/ Contact Info
0.05-0.09 Ratatouille Kitchen Project (Lighting Emphasis) – This is an improved version of my kitchen lighting project. I tried to give the scene a sunset-esque atmosphere, and I assigned shaders to objects to make them read as certain objects. (Maya 2017, Arnold Renderer)
0.10-0.19 Ratatouille Kitchen Project (Texturing Emphasis) – These are my refined renders of the kitchen textures. I assigned every object in the scene with a texture, and I used basic lighting techniques. (Maya 2017, Photoshop 2017, Arnold Renderer)
0.20-0.33 Submarine Texturing and Lighting Project – These are my renders for my final project in Digital 3D, where I applied textures to the model, and lighting to the scene. (Maya 2017, Arnold Renderer, Photoshop 2017)
0.34-1.28 Sora Vs. Roxas Stop Motion Project – This is my stop motion project for my Producing Animation course. I used action figures I own from the Kingdom Hearts series, and I applied visual effects to the short. (Stop Motion Studio, Premiere Pro 2015.4, After Effects 2015.3)
1.29-1.34 Beast Rotoscope Animation – For this project, I had footage of a baboon walking, and I animated over it for a rotoscoping project. (Photoshop 2015.5)
1.35-1.58 Floursack Animation – This is my Floursack animation, featuring a short story of two Sack friends, and how they both want to be together. (Photoshop 2015.5
1.59-2.10 Character/Environment Creation – This is my original character I created for my Producing animation course. I chose from a list of loglines, and based the character from it. (Photoshop 2015.5)
2.11-2.15 Value and Illusion – For my Drawing I course, this is a self portait of myself with an angel wing. If I were to hold up the picture to a certain part of my body, it would appear as though I have a wing on my back, for it is an optical illusion.
2.16-2.20 Collaborative Model Drawing – This is a collaborative project, where my classmates would draw live models on my paper, and I would draw the environment to accompany the model drawings.
2.21-25 Sustained Gesture – This is a drawing project where I used gesture lines to create forms from continuous lines. I drew a coral sculpture, with a beaded necklace going through it, into a small cup.
2.26-2.30 Plaster Sculpture -This is my sculpting project from Three-Dimensional Design where I would take various disposable items, and fill them with plaster liquid, when once hardened, will take the form of whatever the plaster filled.
2.31-2.35 Wire Sculpture – This is another sculpting project where I turned a line drawing into a wire sculpture. My form of choice was an avocado cutter, and I used copper and aluminum wires.
2.36-2.45 Inner World – This is a personal piece I worked on after the end of the spring course. It was inspired by one of my favorite animated series Bleach, showing the main character’s swords he wields in the show, and is set in his inner world where the buildings are sideways. The text on both images is a quote from the very first episode. I modeled and textured the swords and the buildings, and did the lighting for the scene. (Maya 2017, Arnold Renderer, Photoshop 2017)
2.46-2.50 Title Screen w/ Contact Info

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