Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorial 5 – Designing Leather Cutting Dies and Molds – Curving Lines Handles

00:00 Introducing the die we will be making today. You can use these dies to create your own designs of leather belts, leather bracelets, bags, guitar straps, watchbands, dog collars etc..
03:05 Creating two rectangles, rounding their corners and making one transparent.
04:35 Erasing lines by adding anchors with the pen tool and then deleting them. We will also lock the neighboring shape so that it doesn’t interfere.
06:30 Deleting segments from the other rectangle.
07:20 Connecting two lines with a curved line. We make a 45 degree line and add an anchor in the middle. We drag down on this anchor and a circle appears. We drag on this circle and it will round the angle plus create split the anchor in two. These two new anchors have handles. We slide these anchors to both ends of the line.
9:35 Using the anchor handles to curve the line.
10:06 Attaching the curved line to the main shape.
11:40 Fine tuning the curve with the anchor handles.
12:40 Copying and pasting the curved line to all four corners of the shape by reflecting vertically and horizontally.
15:00 Curving the end of the shape.
15:30 Adding two rows of circles inside the main shape. We will use the spacer technique which we learned in the second tutorial.
17:20 Adding another row of circles on the strap.

In this five part free tutorial series Granny Wheels’ Rani is teaching Adobe Illustrator basics to create your own leather molds and dies for cutting custom leather shapes.

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CAMERA: iPad Air 16G
EDITING: Adobe Premiere Pro
LIGHTING: Sunlight

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