Forms In Nature Illustrator & After Effects Tutorial · Chromosphere masterstudy

Hello friends, today we have a very special masterstudy tutorial that is taught by dear friend Nestor Tomaselli, an award-winning motion designer based in Los Angeles. In this first-ever guest tutorial video, Nestor covers designing the butterfly shot in the piece “Forms in Nature” by Chromosphere studio. Also, marvel at Diana’s replication of the underwater scene and animation skills for both shots. We spend about 3 weeks working on this video; a slow but steady process. I’m very grateful that they were very excited to put in the time and effort to collaborate with me to share the motion design love, and we hope you love this video!

00:00 – Motion analysis
00:27 – Guest tutorial feature: Nestor Tomaselli*
01:05 – Philosophy behind Forms in Nature
08:55 – Design breakdown – Butterfly using Pathfinder panel
16:30 – Using the shape builder tool
22:00 – Designing the flower
30:25 – Texturing in Photoshop
32:20 – Best practices for animation – organizing & naming your layers
33:20 – Compositing in After Effects
34:30 – Recreating stylized camera blur
38:10 – additional details
42:00 – creating halftone texture
45:00 – lighting effect & color grading

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