Flying through Tracked 3D Text in Final Cut Pro – mTracker 3D Tutorial

mTracker 3D 👉

In this MotionVFX tutorial, Dylan John Dickerson will go over how you can fly by tracked 3D text in your scene with ease, by using mTracker 3D. mTracker 3D is an intelligent, automatic 3D tracker that lets you precisely recreate the 3D movement of the camera used to film your shot. mTracker 3D makes it possible to simulate the original 3D space captured by the footage and extend the reality by placing new objects within it.

00:00 Intro
00:09 Two tips for better/faster track
01:00 Adding mTracker 3D to your clip
01:20 Adding 3D title
01:48 Placing title in 3D space
02:10 Adjusting parameters
02:28 Title Lighting Style settings
02:51 Light intensity settings
03:12 Shadows settings
03:17 Light wrap
03:33 Reflection settings
03:51 Adjusting saturation of the text
04:02 Final tweaks
04:20 Result!
04:27 Outro

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Duration: 00:04:36